This Dog Is Having A Bad Dream. But Watch What His Friend Does…


Every dog owner has seen their dogs dreaming when the dog is asleep. Science has proven that the brain waves that dogs experience when they dream are very similar to the brain wave response seen in people. This funny and insightful little video puts a whole new twist on dog dreams.

A medium sized brown dog of unknown breed is sleeping on a couch. The dog is wallowing around like it is having a terrible dream. A tan colored dog of the same breed jumps on the couch and wakens its sleeping friend from the supposedly bad dream the dog is having.
The startling video seems to indicate that dogs recognize when other dogs are having bad dreams. The response to another dog’s distress may be caused by the erratic and stressed movement of the sleeping dog. There may be some innate mental connection between dogs that live together that alerts one dog to their companion’s distress even when sleeping.

The brown dog named Jackson has obviously grown up with the tan dog named Laika. The two dogs look alike and may well be litter mates. That may be why Laika comes to the rescue of her dreaming brother.

The video is really humorous. The sleeping dog wallowing around is funny even if the dog is having a bad dream. The look on Laika’s face when she wakes Jackson up is hilarious. She looks like she is asking “what is your problem dude”. The funniest part of the video is the look on Jackson’s face when he is pounded awake by Laika. Jackson grins like he is relieved to be startled awake.

The two dogs settle down for a cuddle after Jackson is awakened. It is like the dogs know that Jackson experienced a traumatic experience and needs some comforting. This is a really touching and extraordinary glimpse into the emotional support that dogs seem to be able to give to each other.

Share this amazing little video with any animal lover and anyone that enjoys the strange and unusual. This one is good for a laugh from anyone. The dog’s faces are just too funny for words.

We obviously have no way of knowing what the dogs are thinking or what drove Laika to awaken Jackson. The behavior is very much like people. This short little video will definitely make you wonder just how emotionally sensitive your dog is.
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Some animal researchers think dogs may have inherited some human genes through their more than 32,000 year relationship with humans and that may explain dog’s emotional behavior.

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