This Dog’s ‘Goodbye’ Letter To His Owner Will Leave You In Tears


Benny was a beautiful and much loved dog. He was as much a member of John’s family as any human related by blood. When we are told that our loved one is in his final days, we become very in tuned with their feelings, needs and desires. The connection of love allows us to view the world from their point of view. This was the case of John and Benny.


Benny would try so hard. The look in his eyes was one of effort. He wanted nothing more than to make his owner happy and to never let him down. He tried to follow all of the rules, but his sick and tired body would not cooperate. The look of shame was quickly erased when John would tell him it was okay. John would carry him when walking was just too hard. John seemed to know what Benny needed before he did.

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John wanted nothing except for his dear friend to be comfortable and to feel the love he had for him. He provided food, water, rest, exercise and medical care. But Benny was nearing the end of his life. His body was giving way to cancer and his hours were numbered.

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John tells Benny’s story through his eyes. Perhaps he had to see this situation through the eyes of his dear friend so he could be assured that every need was met. As hard as it must have been, John looked at this last and painful day in a moment by moment frame.

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Many of the friends in John’s life had grown to love Benny. As the word got out, many of them came to visit. They comforted Benny and told him what a good friend he was and how he was valued and had made their lives better. Benny responded to them with love and gratitude.

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As time draws near, John and his human friends take Benny to his veterinarian. She explains the stage Benny was in and gave John his options. Though it broke his heart, he could not let his dear friend suffer. As those who loved Benny stroked his fur and spoke softly, the doctor gave him a shot and he lay still. In a bit the doctor said that Benny was fighting hard to stay. Benny just wanted a few more minutes with his friends.


A second shot gave Benny a warm feeling and John explains how his spirit must have left his body. Benny was looking down on all those people who loved him and he was free. There was no more pain.


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