This Dog’s ‘Goodbye’ Letter To His Owner Will Leave You In Tears


Pet owners and animal lovers know one thing without question. They know their pet. A pet and his human can grow so close together that words are not needed. A look in the eye, a tilt of the head even the way they breathe tells the human what the pet feels and thinks. The more time they spend together, the stronger that bond becomes.

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This is the story of that kind of pet love. This beautiful dog was so close to his human and the friends of his human that when something was wrong they knew. Being a responsible pet owner, he took his dog to the veterinarian soon found that the dog was very ill. He had cancer.

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The owner provided everything to make his friend and pet as comfortable as possible. He did everything he could to keep him healthy. He was fed well, exercised, had medications and regular vet visits. He even had knee replacement surgery when he became to ill to get around.


This time was different. As the pet owner spent the last two days of his pets life right by his side; he tells the story of the end of the life of his companion and friend, from the point of view of the dog.

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The human took the dog in to the vet who explained that time was short. The dear friend already was losing his ability to get around. Nothing more could be done. It was up to him how it would end. He could let the dog continue until the cancer took his life in agony. Or, he could let his friend drift off into blissful and painless sleep while being petted and stroked and spoken kindly to by those humans who loved him. He chose to allow his friend to exit and say his good-byes. He knew that was what he would want.

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The story ends as the dog sees himself being comforted and loved as he floats away from his physical body. It was a selfless and beautiful act.

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None of us really know what happens to our pets when they die. But animal lovers will agree; any being with a spirit as full of love, acceptance and forgiveness must live on. After all, without our pet families with us, how could they call it heaven?

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