This Dog Discovers His Shadow For The First Time, His Reaction is Hilarious.


Simply watching an animal’s reaction to certain things that we essentially take for granted. Most of us know about our shadow and we are taught from a young age that a shadow is nothing to worry about and merely just a natural byproduct of a sunny day.
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However, the dog in this video did not receive that memo. He is clearly baffled and perplexed at the sight of his shadow and does not know exactly what he should do next. At the beginning of the video, the dog spends a few moments staring at his shadow and wagging his tail in excitement. Perhaps this shadow is a new friend?
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After pacing around, only to discover that the shadow is still following him, the dog’s confusion only continues to grow. The dog’s facial expression says it all. “Who is this dark apparition following me around and how do I make it go away?”, the dog thinks to himself. He walks in circles, noticing that the shadow remains in pursuit.

Finally, our canine friend decides that he has had quite enough of these shenanigans. The dog commences to jumping up and down, in an attempt to perhaps squash the shadow and remove its presence once and for all. As you might imagine, this approach yields very little results and the dog is still puzzled.

The fact that the shadow moves at the same time along with the dog is clearly giving him fits. He does not know what to do next and spends a few moments staring down at the shadow. The dog is waiting for the shadow’s next move and he clearly believes that he will be fully prepared for any kind of trick that the shadow tries to pull.

Another jump or two does not have the desired effect, so the dog begins to try and stomp on the shadow with its paws. This does not work, so he goes back to jumping, only to watch in horror as the shadow continues to hound him. It seems as if there is nothing he can do to get this pest to leave him alone! At long last, he gives up and walks into an area that is naturally shadowy, so that his nemesis may finally leave him be.

It is fun to watch an animal struggle with concepts that are second nature to humans. Seeing the dog jump up and down in desperation as he tries to elude his invisible attacker is one of the funnier things that you will see all day. Hopefully, our furry friend is able to avoid such ambushes from his shadow in the not so distant future.

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