This Dog Didn’t Know Where His Owners Were Taking Him. When I Found Out, I Cried Too.


When a dog’s owner is forced to give them up, the experience is heartbreaking. These animals are not equipped with the ability to understand why their owners would stop loving them or why they would ever be given away. Once they establish residence at a forever home, having that stability taken away from them is often too much to handle.

This is especially true for dogs that are being removed from the only families that they have ever been a part of. The experience is definitely traumatizing but in some cases, this can be for the best, even if the dog does not realize it at the time. Their loyalty can often blind them to the reality of their situation.
The dog in this story is named AJ and he was abandoned earlier this year. The Carson Animal Control agency took him in and provided him with a temporary home, but AJ was going through a fair amount of confusion about the change in his living arrangements.

For a sweet pup who was described as being incredibly peaceful, loving and caring towards other dogs and any people he came into contact with, the sudden loss of the place he called home was quite a blow to his psyche.

The more time AJ spends at the shelter, the more he loses his will to live and carry on as normal. He’s become incredibly despondent as the result of his abandonment and seeing this dog’s tears just might make you squirt a few yourself. To make matters even worse, the animal is now suffering with a cold, in addition to his already broken heart.

It is clear to see that all AJ needs is for someone to take a chance on him and give him a home to call his own. He is an animal who is at his happiest when he has a forever home and a stable life with people that love him.

This video is definitely well worth your time.

If someone does not provide AJ with a home soon, he will be euthanized in all likelihood. There is no reason for this dog to die without knowing what true human compassion feels like and all of us need to keep our fingers and toes crossed that someone saves him before it is too late. Please take a moment to share this story, so that awareness can be spread about AJ’s plight and he can locate a forever home. for UPDATES about him go here:

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