This Dog Did The Unthinkable For A Little Girl. Now Watch What They Do For The Dog.


This video is less about that amazing story and more about George being awarded the Dog’s Best Day. In this video it is George’s turn to be treated and pampered as a thanks for the hard work he does for Bella.

There is no doubt that the day portrayed in this video is the best dog’s day ever seen. Watch George frolic in the snow at a ski resort that has been closed down just for him and Bella, his little girl. See him run down the hill beside Bella on her sled.
A lot of planning went into this special day for this special dog. George is personally welcomed into a hotel, served at a burger place, checked in at a ski resort and a allowed to browse in a dog treat shop. At the dog treat shop he checks out every treat in the shop before making his selection, the giant Dino bone. A giant bone for a huge Great Dane.

Back at the hotel, after his best day ever, George is shown into a suite for the best sleep over ever. The suite is filled with dog toys and a special new bed for the large dog. There is a framed photo of Bella and George playing in the snow earlier in the day. What a great memento.

In addition to providing George with his best day ever the various sponsors gave a $1,000 donation to the service dog organization that trained George. Everyone who needs a helper like George should be able to find one.

George may have changed Bella’s life and given her the gift of walking but it is clear from watching the videos that Bella enhances George’s life also. Their day is filled with love and with playfulness. It is a great life for this loving dog. It is a heartwarming story that these two found each other.

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