This Dog Crawled Up A Driveway After Being Hit By A Car. But My Jaw Dropped At The End.


Unfortunately for homeless dogs, getting hit by a car is an all too common fate. Homeless dogs struggle to avoid oncoming vehicles and even the most well meaning motorists still end up striking them with their cars from time to time. This is one of the most unavoidable aspects of life on the streets for a dog.

For the most part, homeless dogs are able to survive these unwanted encounters with just a few small scrapes and bumps. But this is not the case during all of these incidents and some dogs are not nearly so lucky. Many homeless dogs do not survive these accidents and this is a problem that does not seem to be going away anytime soon.
The dog that you are about to meet is named Molly and Molly was recently struck by a vehicle. Even though she was seriously injured as a result of the crash, would you believe that she still managed to pull herself to safety? This resourceful animal did not simply lie in the road and lick her wounds, she dragged her body into a driveway, a maneuver that probably saved her life and kept another accident from taking place.

Luckily for Molly, she was found shortly after and brought to a shelter, so that she could receive the necessary assistance. She was also provided with a loving foster home, so that she would have a safe place to recuperate from her injuries. While this story has a happy ending, there are a multitude of other dogs out there who are not nearly as fortunate as Molly.

Her injuries were bad, but thanks to the aid of her rescuers, she refused to give up. It took a few surgeries and some hours of therapy, but she was eventually restored to her previous condition, if not better. She even got a set of wheels to help her through the recovery process. Be sure to watch this video, so that you can enjoy Molly’s exploits as much as we did.
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Eventually, Molly’s strides allowed her to walk on her own and start a a brand new life. If you’d like to see what happens next for this lovable pup, then take a moment to watch this clip in its entirety. It is safe to say that her life is about to change for good. Once you’ve completed the video, don’t be shy! Share away and spread the love to your friends and family.

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