This Dog Buried Its Head In Fear When Approached. Wait Til You See What They Had To Do.


When the team from Home For Paws heard about a scared homeless dog living in an abandoned lot, they did not waste time to decide to go and give it rescue. They set out to search and they found him.

In fear, it would run away at the sight of humans and so didn’t waste time when he saw the team approaching.

The little pooch was so scared it would run a little further away from them as they got closer, but didn’t really want to leave the area as it kept running all over without going far enough, probably because it doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

The team decided to use a wide spread net to capture him by dropping it on top of  him, but the frightened ball of fur was so little it managed to escape through the net at first.
However the team wasn’t about ready to give up, so they tried a second time by doubling the net this time, and cornered the little pooch in a vantage point. It got so scared and seemed to have ran out of ideas of another escape plot. Then it simply laid down still against the fence, coiled up and covered it’s head beneath the grasses while he awaited his fate.

But one of the team mates moved closer and gently scratched it’s hair to calm him, while placing a collar around his neck and the lady slowly picked him up from the grass, fondling him and named him Einstein.

The little puppy which have been homeless and lacking human affection for a while didn’t seem to have any hassle as it easily bonded with the team, while they took him home and gave him a thorough bath, grooming and had hundreds of foxtails pulled out from its skin.

He healed, grew back his lovely furs and became a whole new pup.

Weeks later after being rescued, the lucky dog which is now hail and hearty and can be seen bouncing around all over the place, got to take a few shots and even made an appearance on Television with his new friend, Betty White.

Watch the video.

In the end Einstein became a whole new pooch and can be seen very with his new home.

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