This Dog Brought Home A Plastic Bag. What Happens Next Will Shock You


Dogs often bring home surprises for their owners. While this might seem like an intrusion to some, our dogs do this as a show of respect, as a way of displaying their affection to their owners. After all, sharing is caring, right?

The dog in this clip was scrounging through a local dump site, when it found a plastic bag and decided to bring it home for some sharing. The dog noticed something different about this plastic bag, though. So he placed the bag on the front steps of his home and began to bark frantically, in order to alert his family.
Once you find out what is actually in this plastic bag that was found by this friendly dog, the results just might shock you. You may even become dismayed by what you see. The idea that someone could do this to another human being is beyond sickening and truly makes you wonder what could be going through a person’s mind when they decide to do something this heinous.
After the dog’s barking had alerted startled relatives, they opened the bag and found an abandoned baby inside. This dog’s simple act saved a small child’s life and made a hero out of an unsuspecting pup. The idea that someone could place a child in a bag and throw them in a dump is appalling, but thanks to dogs like these, at least one child was saved from this very unfortunate fate.

The male Thai Bangkaew dog named Pui took the white plastic bag from a dump site in tambon Sala Loi in Tha Rua district to his master Gumnerd Thongmak’s house and barked loudly to get attention.

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