This Dog Became An Acrobat To Please Potential Families For A Forever Loving Home…


Simpsons fans are already familiar with Frankie the squealer, but the Frankie in this video has never ratted on anybody. The Frankie that you are about to meet in this story considers himself to be quite the Houdini and can you blame him?

North Texas’ Humane Society is the current site for Frankie’s high wire act. Just give them a call and ask for Frankie. The next question they will ask is whether you are looking for the famous acrobat. He loves to put on shows for the Humane Society employees and they have become a commonplace activity for Frankie.
You might be asking yourself if the shelter is really that awful. Why would Frankie feel the need to place himself in such danger? Does he think that his acrobat act is his ticket out? But according to observers, Frankie has been performing this impromptu act for as long as anyone can remember.

His Houdini act was born during a hard life on the streets. Frankie’s choke collar was too tight around his neck and had essentially become a noose of sorts. The poor pup needed to have the collar surgically removed, since it had begun to bury itself inside of his neck.


In all likelihood, his desire to become an escape artist was borne out of the circumstances of his lifestyle. While the skeptics who are reading this story might look at Frankie’s pitiful face and think that he is frightened, there is no fear to be found in this dog.

This is the face of a dog who has successfully walked a fence like a tightrope and is now showboating for the amusement of his audience. He decided to mark his territory on the fence and loves to do the butt wiggle walk that all prideful dogs employ from time to time.


His pride is what keeps him from wanting to come down, not his disobedience. Frankie is not content with simple escape acts, he also loves to kiss and cuddle with the volunteer workers. Please contact North Texas’ Humane Society if you think that you are ready to save Frankie from this dangerous lifestyle.

If you know anyone who’d like to give this fur ball a second chance, please contact the Humane Society of North Texas or call 817-332-4768. Help Frankie by sharing this message with as many people as you can.

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