This Dog And Kitten Have A Very Special Relationship


We’ve all heard the stereotypes about dogs and cats and how it is impossible for them to get along with one another. “Fighting like cats and dogs” is a common euphemism used to describe people who can’t stop squabbling and many families will typically opt for one animal or the other.


But Murkin is a special dog. And Wobblepants is a special kitten. You see, Wobbelpants has cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes her just a bit different than all of the other kittens. But she does not allow her diagnosis to affect her in the slightest. She plays and enjoys life, just like any other kitten that you will meet.

And Murkin has taken it upon himself to look after her. The love that he has for Wobblepants jumps off the screen and will certainly touch your heart. Even though Wobblepants’ disorder affects her brain functions, as well as her coordination, the viewer would never even know.

Wobblepants does not allow her grooming to fall by the wayside, either. She prides herself on being a very clean, well put together lady. Watching her clean herself, while propped up against her pal Murkin, is too adorable to put into words. You are going to have to simply check it out for yourself.

She is not content to merely clean herself, though. You will be hard pressed not to laugh when she starts batting at Murkin and trying to clean him, as well. He does his best to maintain a stoic expression, but it is easy to see how much he enjoys the presence of his hyperactive kitten friend.

Special needs kittens require the same love and affection as their counterparts. This family’s willingness to take in Wobblepants and provide her with a stable living home should be commended. Kittens like her often end up at shelters, where they reside until their assigned euthanization date.

But Wobblepants will never, ever have to worry about just such a fate! She can spend her days hanging out with her buddy Murkin, who definitely loves his kitten sister very much. Thanks to him, she is able to live a normal life.

If you enjoyed this video as much as we did, then be sure to pass it along to your friends and family as soon as possible. The relationship between Murkin and Wobblepants is so cute we can barely stand, so spread the love far and wide!

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