Poor Dog Was Just Moments Away From Death, When THIS Happened


One day when walking in her neighborhood in Bulgaria, a girl named Desislava Stoyanova, saw a homeless dog. She felt very sorry for the poor creature, and decide to rescue it and take it home. In fact this is exactly what this girl did with every single homeless animal she has seen in need for the last 15 years. She thinks that they need help, and giving these animals a second chance in this life, doesn’t cost anything.

The dog did not make any resistance when the girl approached. She just let her do whatever she needed to do, because they poor dog had no energy whatsoever to do anything. When Desislava Stoyanova approached, she saw that the dog looked really tired, had no fur, and had zero energy to react. The girl who rescued the dog saw that the dog was a big dog, but she barely weighted 30 pounds. The reason was because the dog was really malnourished.
homeless dog

skinny dog

When the girl took the dog home, everyone told her that the dog was not going to live for a long life. They told her that the dog was too weak to resist. But the girl didn’t give up. She wanted to give a second chance to the dog, she believed that the dog deserved to live his or her life. When she took her to the vet, the vet checked the dog, and said that the dog did not have any illnesses. The dog just has to eat healthy, and to get some rest. In this next picture you will see how did the dog transformed for a week. she looks better now. She has gotten some pounds, and her face looks more relaxed. I am very happy this girl in Bulgaria decided to give this dog a second chance. You are appreciated!



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