This Deformed Kitten Underwent A Shocking Transformation


While most of us would like to consider ourselves to be very open minded people who do not judge books based on their cover, the story of this deformed kitten proves that we still have a long way to go. We tend to be very shallow and the treatment that this kitten received is all the evidence needed.

When we are acting in a superficial manner, we need stories like this one to remind us of what is most important. This kitten was horribly disfigured and was facing an uncertain existence, before one special seven year old decided to step in and make a difference in her life.

69403-3 The kitten was discovered on the streets of Istanbul. The Turkish kitten was born with numerous defects and her appearance was quite grotesque. Her birth defects were severe, giving her ears and face a unique appearance that served to scare most people she came across.

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The majority of the people who saw this kitten were unwilling to help and if not for the aforementioned little girl, this cat would probably have succumbed to the realities of life on the street a long time ago.


The pictures tell the story of this animal’s condition. The cat’s lips were even deformed, which made it very difficult for her to eat in a conventional manner. Due to the lack of a forever home and proper nutrition, the kitten’s fur had fallen out in several places.

69403-7 69403-8

After a visit to the veterinarian, the cat’s condition began to slowly repair itself. They did everything in their power to make the cat more comfortable and provide her with a better quality of life.


As time passed, the kitten began to transform into a more normal looking cat. The skin and nose were fixed into a configuration that was more befitting of a cat and the animal no longer resembles the gnarled mess that was found on the streets.


Gülümser is now her name and she has an amazing little girl to thank for her new life. This child was able to look past her physical deformities, to see the true beauty within.


We do not know this little girl’s name, but we do know that she is a heroine who deserves our respect and admiration. The cat’s name is a word that means “she is always smiling” and thanks to this little girl’s selfless actions, she is now making us smile, too. Share this story and provide a much needed smile to your loved ones.

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