This Corgi’s Reaction To A Puppy Fart Is Too Funny For Words


You can hear the owners in the background, talking to the dogs. They are likely trying to calm the dogs down, too. However, the puppy doesn’t want to calm down. He is having too much fun jumping around and making noise, just like a puppy should.

That’s when the unthinkable happens. The puppy backs up and farts. You can just barely hear it with all that’s going on, but it’s definitely a fart – and the expression on the Corgi is absolutely hysterical. The dog is kind of like “OH MY GOD!”

Live video only runs for 30 seconds, and you are likely going to find yourself watching the video again and again just to be able to catch the expression that occurs at the very last second of the video. This dog has such a face on him and looks so indignant that the puppy dared to fart in his direction.

We all know that sometimes you just have to let one rip. However, in this case, it is very possible that the puppy decided to force it out as a way to prove his point and perhaps exert some dominance. After all, he is young and wanted to have some fun.
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This is the kind of video that you are once and walk away from. You may even want to bookmark this just to make sure that you have a guaranteed video in your browser to make you laugh from time to time. You have probably made a similar face when someone that you know farted in your direction. Get indignant with the dog, and then laugh over and over again because this dog is just too funny. The puppy shows absolutely no regret for what just took place, either, which is going to make you laugh even harder.

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