This Corgi’s Reaction To A Puppy Fart Is Too Funny For Words


Animals are the cutest possible thing on this planet, there is no doubt about that. If you don’t believe me just go see a few videos on the internet or, better yet, take a look at our video – you’ll love it, we’re sure of it.

So this video is great mostly because it involves puppies, farts, and funny reactions, all in one package with less than a minute, so your time won’t go to waste. Well it never goes as long as there are puppies involved in the video – let’s be honest here.

So in this video there are two dogs, a corgi and a puppy, having an incredibly cute discussion about current politics and the state of our world, or something along those lines. The argument is going pretty evenly until the puppy decides that he doesn’t want to deal with the corgi anymore, so he needs to quickly do something about it.

Strategically, he sees that the corgi is just lying down, he is probably in a lazy day so he won’t really move from there any time soon. The puppy could simply walk away from the situation but that isn’t his style, so heeds to do something a little more drastic. He turns around and while the corgi stays in the same place looking at him, he does the unthinkable: he farts right in his face.

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