This Chihuahua Starts Moving, But Watch What Happens Next…


What can one say about this video but that, it is a Chihuahua dancing to flamenco music. You just have to watch the video to believe it. The little dog appears to understand the rhythm of the music and does a sparking one dog version of the flamenco. This is funny and amazing at the same time.

No one knows why dogs do some of the things that they do. Maybe the dogs just want to entertain us. Maybe the dogs are into self-expression and we just do not know about it. Whatever the reason is, our dogs do some startlingly fantastic tricks just to amuse us or to show off.

The Chihuahua in the video is a good dancer. Let’s face it, he is a dog and not a person so his rendition of the flamenco may not be professional grade but for a dog it is phenomenal. The little dog keeps to the beat and dances for over a minute. The little dance would probably exhaust most average people but the little dog looks ready to dance the night away.

Whatever the reason is that motivates dogs to take up dancing this little video is definitely going to put a smile on your face and make you want to get up and flamenco with the Chihuahuas

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