This Region Has Banned Cats, But See How This Cat Survives There


We all enjoy the prospect of dressing up and pretending to be another person every once in a while. No one would want to live that sort of life on a everyday basis, though. While it is always refreshing to see how another person or group of people lives each day and we can all benefit from the perspective that comes with living a completely different life, we do have to go back to our usual daily regimen once the fun is over with.


However, this cat is not able to enjoy the fun. This cat’s name is Kesha and he is a ginger feline who was brought to Svalbard, by a group of Russians. The island has a very delicate ecological balance and cats are not allowed to reside there as a result.

Kesha is tricky, though, and he has found a loophole that allows her to remain on the island. He is technically classified as a fox, which keeps him from being unceremoniously evicted in the name of maintaining ecological balance.


The cat has built a great life from himself on the island, as he spends the majority of his days people watching. Cats have an underrated eye for the human condition and they are much more perceptive creatures than they are ever given credit for.

Once Kesha grows tired of watching all of the interesting people that he sees each day, he is able to retire to a comfortable mechanical workshop for a peaceful night’s sleep. This cat is very fortunate to be able to live on this island and while it may take a little bit of trickery to make that possible, he does have a unique monopoly on local affection.

Kesha gets to enjoy all of the belly rubs, all of the ear scratches and all of the petting, by virtue of the fact that there is no competition. The locals certainly love having him around and while his presence does require a bit of deceit, authorities are none the wiser about the clever “fox” who lives in their midst.

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This amazing story definitely needs to be shared with a wider audience. Kesha’s story is unique, to say the least and we wish him all of the best on his journey. This awesome cat gets to play dress up every day and we are jealous of his life!

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