Cat With Broken Leg Has Only Days Left To Find A Family


Memo the cat was recently brought to a shelter and while he was supposed to be put down, one courageous employee refused to let that happen. Cristina Garcia knew that this cat was special from the first moment she saw him.

He showed up at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter with a badly broken leg and nowhere to go. It is believed that the cat broke its leg while jumping down from something. Nemo did not let his injury dampen his enthusiasm and the friendly cat just wanted to play.

His healthy, clean condition indicates that he probably had a family at one point in time. Cristina and Nemo took a liking to one another as soon as he arrived and the two formed a bond. Garcia loved the cat’s personality and found him to be absolutely hilarious.


She decided to do whatever it took to save his life. She begged and pleaded and her appeals were successful, buying the cat more time to find a forever home. Nemo’s file has been changed, giving him until December 11 to find a new place to live.

While his time may still run out, Garcia is dedicated to ensuring that does not happen. She even took the unusual step of reaching out to a photographer, who was tasked with snapping photos that would allow Nemo to get more attention and increase his chances of being adopted by a new family.


Garcia is truly dedicated to the welfare of the animals that cross her path and has been known to sacrifice her lunch breaks in order to spend more time with them. Her affections are not limited to cute kittens and one of her favorites is a pig named Pumba. However, she has rechristened him “Billy Bob”, for reasons that escape her.

Since Garcia already has three cats and two dogs of her own, she is not able to adopt Nemo. Garcia’s help has spared Nemo’s life and given him the opportunity to find a family of his own. He continues to reside at the shelter, where he can be adopted directly.


Due to his broken leg, any family that adopts him will need to sign a waiver, indicating their understanding of his specific needs and the medical costs involved.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Cristina Garcia, Nemo was saved. Please share this inspiring story with your friends and loved ones.

If you or someone you know would be interested in adopting Nemo, you can contact the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter at (626) 962-3577. His animal ID number is A4901145. 

Update: According to the The County Of Los Angeles Animal Care And Control, Nemo was adopted into a new home.

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