This Cat Gets Totally Busted On Camera. And You Have To See His Reaction, OMG!


Everyone that owns a cat knows that their cat is curious about just about everything. The cat will find out what is in anything in unusual ways. This is one of the endearing and often frustrating parts of having a cat. They are nosy critters.

Cats are great actors too. A cat can put on an Academy Award performance when they get caught doing things they have been told not to do and even when they have been punished for it. All cat owners know that “But I am just an innocent little kitty” look despite the destruction the cat may have caused.

This little video is hilarious. An adult gray cat opens a drawer. You really cannot see what is in the drawer very well but it looks like food for the cat and cat toys. The cat is very sneaky and quiet about its snooping where it should not be never knowing that its owner is filming the entire criminal episode.

Like all cats, the attempted thief shows no contrition at all about its despicable act. You just have to watch the video to see the look on the cat’s face. No human could ever capture this level of absolute and perfect innocence in the face of being caught red handed.

The video shows just how smart cats are. Cats watch and learn how to do things that people do. This video is a perfect example of the behavior. The cat learned to open a drawer. The cat is so sure of itself that it never once looks over its shoulder to see if the law was watching. Maybe the owner should have hidden the goodies a little better.

You should share this video with all the cat fanciers you know and all the people that like a good laugh. The stealthy cat is really funny. Getting caught is funnier. You just have to watch the video to get the full effect of the innocence of this dastardly feline prowler.

Anyone that owns a cat will appreciate that you shard this charming and funny video with them. This is such typical cat behavior but the human victims usually only see the damage and not the perpetrator in action let alone being caught in the act.

Our cast may do a little damage on occasion but we love them for their curiosity and inventiveness in finding ways to get into where they do not belong. Curiosity did not kill the cat and in this case the satisfaction was a bit put off by being caught. As any cat owner could foretell, the cat won out in the end by proudly beaming a perfectly innocent look in the face of being absolutely busted.

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