This ‘Broken’ Dog Just Wanted To Die. And Then Something Happened No One Expected…


Dogs are much more perceptive creatures than given credit for and this heightened perception is a double edged sword. While it allows dogs like our friend Lou here to truly appreciate the love and affection that they receive, it can also cause them to become severely depressed when they are abandoned and left without a home.


When Lou was first rescued from the shelter, he was incredibly timid and did not like to be around other dogs. According to the owner of the shelter, Lou’s former owner treated him in an abusive manner and his spirit was still broken as a result of the experience.

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Lou’s fear of other dogs persisted, until the fateful day when he met Buddha during a family trip to the Hamptons. The two sniffed around one another and decided to become buddies. There must have been something reassuring about Buddha’s scent, because Lou immediately took to him, in a way that he had never done before.

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From there, the two started to do everything together and the bond that they formed was beyond adorable. The new pals even sunbathed together and the sight of them sprawled out on their chairs is hilarious. They are definitely in their element and enjoying the type of rest and relaxation that only the Hamptons can provide.

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Would you believe that Lou had never laid outside like this before Buddha came along? Thanks to the presence of his new buddy, Lou’s spirit was finally restored and he was able to put the bad times he experienced before behind him. Seeing him on his initial trip to the beach is just too cute and we are happy to see that Lou is feeling better now.

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Having the chance to feel that sand underneath his paws has made Lou a new pup. Soaking up the sun is always good for the spirit and Lou does not miss an opportunity to do just that. Spending a little time at sea is just what the doctor ordered. All it took was a friend like Buddha and a weekend at the beach to change Lou’s whole outlook on life.

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Lou was definitely tuckered out after his beach adventure and headed straight to bed as soon as he got home. This wonderful story goes to show that you can make a major difference in an animal’s life by adopting. Take a moment to share this amazing story with your closest friends and loved ones.




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