This Boxer’s Trying To Make A New Friend, But There’s 1 BIG Problem… LOL!


Dogs are men’s best friends. However, they are not always known to be the brightest bulbs out there. This is the case with the adorable brown boxer in this video. He is barking and carrying up a storm at this ceramic bulldog. He towers over the bulldog, so it is obvious that it is not a scaled replica.

The boxer knows that something is wrong, but he can’t seem to put his paw on it. He keeps barking, and he makes advances at the bulldog as though he is going to pounce. When he cannot seem to get a reaction out of the bulldog, he continues. This video goes on for about a minute, and is absolutely hysterical because even at the very end, the boxer still doesn’t realize that it’s not a real dog.
This ceramic bulldog is just sitting there on the ground. It isn’t doing anything. It isn’t making any noises, and it certainly isn’t egging the dog on. However, this boxer simply cannot seem to walk away.

Perhaps the most hysterical part of the entire video is when the boxer moves in to sniff the butt. This is when the boxer truly makes a strange face because he can’t seem to figure out why there is no scent. This has obviously never happened to him before. Every time that he does this with a real dog, there is certainly a sense – so what is wrong with this dog?

Most dogs react very differently than this bulldog when he barks at them. Why is he not getting intimidated? Why is he not doing anything? This is frustrating the boxer beyond belief, and it seems like he barks louder and more aggressively every time that the bulldog does not react.

Everyone knows that the bulldog is ceramic except for the dog, and this is what makes it so funny. Dogs are funny this way, they don’t always know the difference between real and fake.

Have you ever had a dog confused by an object that looked like something, but it wasn’t? It certainly is comical to see what dogs will do – and we are so thankful that this boxer’s owner got the whole thing on video.

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