This Baby Was Washed Away From The Herd, But Wait Till You See Where He Is Now!


Moyo the elephant is just 14 months old, but he has already lived an amazing life. He spends his days at a posh wildlife sanctuary, where he is pampered, cared for and given lots and lots of love and attention. The bond he’s developed with his caretakers is extraordinary.

The woman responsible for his rescue is named Roxy and she has been saving animals from adverse situations for over 20 years. We are then introduced to a wide range of different creatures whose aid she has come to. Giraffes, African cats, primates and birds are all living in harmony under her care and the dedication that Roxy shows to these animals is admirable.
Of all the animals that she provided assistance to, Moyo is considered to be her biggest challenge. He’s quite destructive and he seems to enjoy wreaking as much havoc as possible. His adopted mother is now responsible for taming this majestic beast and teaching him how to coexist with other animals such as himself.

He even has a favorite sofa in the house. But Roxy is concerned that Moyo has outgrown his current living arrangement and that he will end up breaking the sofa into a million pieces eventually. He arrived at the sanctuary when he was just a few days old and it is believed that he nearly drowned after being washed away from his herd.

Roxy is now his surrogate mother and she has her hands full when it comes to Moyo’s care. Luckily, rangers found Moyo after he was separated from his herd, or else he may have suffered a far worse fate.

His inquisitive nature has led to a few interesting moments around the house and Roxy has a tough road of her. She is a dedicated mother to all of her wildlife children and while there are bound to a few bumps in the road, we think that Moyo is in the safest of hands. To see what takes place next, be sure to watch the video in its entirety. It just might be the most adorable 2 minutes and 44 seconds you spend all day.

Once you’ve taken the time to watch this incredible video, be sure to pass it along to your friends and family. They are sure to appreciate Moyo’s exploits!

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