This Baby Was Dying In The Cold When He Was Found. Then They Do The Unthinkable…


Gizmo was a baby foal that was found on the side of a road in Essex, England. The baby foal was nearly dead when it was found alone, while dying an extremely painful death. The poor baby had no idea what was going on and was scared and alone.


Gizmo couldn’t not even lift his head, let alone walk by himself. He was completely alone. Not only was he terribly injured, but he also had lice, was dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia as well as pneumonia.


After he was found, some very amazing people took him to the Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic where he was given the proper care and treatment needed for his condition. He was given the proper antibiotics and medication. Gizmo also had 24/7 care to help nurse him back to health.


Gizmo is still week, but amazing animal lovers have donated and estimated £20,000 to help get him back to as normal as possible. The saddest part about all of this is that upon his discovery, the rescuers were able to tell that he was left on the side of the road on purpose.


It is sad to think about how mean and horrible this world can be to animals. But for all the horrible animal abusers out there, there are twice as many people who will do anything to help and save an animals life. Even though Gizmo is still weak, he is using every instinct in his nature to live a full and productive life. He has a lot of ambition and is loved among the staff as well as the volunteers in the clinic.


We are lucky to have people out there who will risk their lives to save the life of an animal. Animals are a major part of our world and they would do anything they can possibly do in order to make us smile. It is such a shame that there are these cruel people out there. Hopefully, Gizmos abusers are found and can’t hurt anymore animals.


Have you heard any amazing stories about animals recovering from abuse? It is amazing what animals are capable of with a little love and tender care. Even animals who were brought up in abusive households or have been treated horribly in other ways have their own miraculous ways recovering from all sorts of situations. There are so many animals out there who aren’t as lucky as Gizmo was, to have someone as helpful and caring to come along as he did. Here’s to wishing Gizmo a safe recovery!

Here’s to hoping that Gizmo recovers soon and that we’re able to find who was responsible for this cruelty. Share this post to wish Gizmo a safe and speedy recovery!

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