This Baby Suddenly Becomes So Excited That The Cat Is Left Completely Confused!


You are sitting next to a swing containing a calm baby and the baby suddenly becomes excited! How do you think it would make you feel or what, if anything, would you do to encourage it? One thing that is for certain is that neither you nor anyone would know what’s going on in that baby’s mind or what the baby saw! But why should it matter as long as the baby’s happy, though, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened in this video of a baby and a cat. The cat looks confused, yet attentive and watchful. The cat tried to pin down one of the baby’s legs with its two front paws but even that didn’t work! This apparently resulted in further confusion to the cat!

Does this show that cats can sense the difference between human babies, children and adults? Possibly so! Does this show that the baby found the cat exciting? Probably. Either way, it’s simultaneously lovely and funny. Another thing that’s clear is that neither the cat nor the baby seems to know what they are doing or what’s really going on!

Could the cat have thought that it was looking out for the baby’s safety by pinning one of his legs down by its front paws? Very possibly. Could the baby have thought that the cat was playing by doing so? That is a possibility as well. Why is it always so adorable when at least one of the parties doesn’t know what’s going on?

Furthermore, why does it seem so amazing that both the baby and the cat are so calm? Could it be that both sense that they’re in a safe environment? Possibly. Or could it be that they are both feeling incredibly playful?

Either way, this video would not be so simultaneously adorable and funny without both the baby and the cat! A confused, attentive cat and a playful baby are just too cute together. That would also be quite a children’s book to write-one about an attentive cat with a calm baby! As a common saying goes, truth is often stranger than fiction and this video is no exception! It’s an example of truth being stranger than fiction in a most adorable way.

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