This Baby Elephant Spots A Group Of Tourists Recording Him. His Reaction? Too Funny!


When an elephant is trying to frighten other animals away they swing their mighty trunks and flap their impressive ears! The display on an animal of that size is usually very intimidating. However, when this tour group came up on the herd of elephants it was the youngest elephant in the group that tried to show his position.

When the baby elephant swung his trunk, the tourist smiled. When he flapped his ears, perhaps they remembered the childhood story of Dumbo and they chuckled. But when the little guy ran toward them and gave it his very best, the tourist broke into a fit of laughter. The baby elephant joined his mother and the rest of the herd and they continued on their journey.

Though the other elephants did not feel threatened and they had no reaction. they showed no concern to the little elephant. Elephants are very loving parents. They teach their young how to defend themselves. The behavior displayed by the toddler was right on point if he had felt he or his herd was in trouble or in danger. The baby was simply showing what the elders had taught him.

An elephant calf will drink mother’s milk for at least two years, they stay with their mother usually three to four years. However by the time the calf reaches nine months old he is already getting around 40% of his food from leaves. Elephants eat plants and the older elephants will teach the calf what plants are good for them.

While on safari in the wild, no one knows what they will find. Wild animals are exactly that; wild. Tour guides warn people to beware. The tourist are venturing into their world. Though attacks are rare due to the expert training of the group leaders; they can and do happen. It is always good to know what behavior patterns mean. Sometimes an animal will be warning the intruders to back away. They will fight to protect their territory, their mates and their young. Once in the wild the animals consider humans to be just another species trying to take what is theirs.
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In this case, the baby elephant got some practice in and the tourist got some priceless videos and a memory that will last forever.

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