This Australian Dog Is 200 Years Old, And Her Story Is Remarkable!


When calculating the age of a dog, the age old rule tells us to take their age in human years and then multiply it by seven. While this is not a totally scientific way to go about the process, it gives us a rough idea of how to process their twilight years. It can be tough to see our beloved companions grow old, but old age is simply a part of living.

If older dogs could talk, just imagine the wisdom that they would be able to impart to us. They are constantly observing the world around them and would have a great deal of advice to provide. Some dogs are able to live to see sixteen years of age, seventeen years of age and some even make it to a whopping twenty years old!


However, no dog has ever lived as long as the dog you are about to meet in this special clip. Maggie is a Kelpie who resides in Australia. Her age is estimated to be between twenty nine and thirty years. When these numbers are calculated into human years, that makes Maggie at least 200 years old.

Like so many others her age, Maggie’s longevity has been attributed to her healthy lifestyle. She has not allowed herself to become stagnant or sedentary in her later years. This pooch isn’t content to park herself in front of the TV and eat snacks, she remains active and she is also surrounded by love.

Her days are split between her two favorite activities: sleeping in and following her owner wherever he goes. Maggie has the good fortune of living on a farm, which provides with plenty of opportunities for exercise. Her owner tends to his animals each and every day and Maggie is always in tow.

This amazing video below must be seen to be believed. While skeptics might scoff at how easy Maggie’s life is, it is fuller and happier than most. Whatever her secret may be, we definitely wish that she would stop keeping it. We could use all the help we can get!

Your friends and family members will also enjoy this video, so be sure to share it with them. Maggie’s story is one that you simply do not come across each day and while it may be hard to fathom a dog living for three decades, Maggie’s longevity is proof that anything is possible when you have love in your heart.

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