This Amazing Rescue Dog Family Proves Adoption Is The Best Option


Opportunity does not come along when we are in search of it. It tends to show up when we least expect it to and it does not knock more than once. Sometimes, opportunity is avoided, because it resembles hard work. Numerous shelters around the country are jam packed with wonderful animals that are in search of a forever home and their workers are doing everything in their power to ensure that these animals are ready to be adopted.

There are even more animals who are being forced to live on the street. That’s why it is so beautiful to see one of these animals finally receive a chance at true happiness. Kilo is a pitbull and he comes from a very troubled past. When he was first brought to his shelter, he had a major problem when it came to trust.

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Luckily, Candice Miller was able to see through these problems and give Kilo a second chance at life. The live he is now able to enjoy with Candice is one of the nicest existences that a dog of his ilk could ever hope for.

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Candice knew that she could not let the opportunity to help a dog like Kilo pass her by. Kilo has since become a bit of an Instagram star and he loves posing for photos with his devoted mother. He’s got fans all over the country now and he has been able to put his troubled past behind him.

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This pitbull’s cute face definitely breaks all of the stereotypes about this particular breed of dog. Candice put in the necessary time that it took for Kilo to trust her and she is now reaping the benefits.

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All it took was the help of a loving family for Kilo to let his guard down and allow himself to be cared for. He might affect a tough guy look when he poses for Instagram with Mom, but a true dog lover can look into his eyes and see his more fun loving side.

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If you find Kilo to be beautiful and wish to spread awareness about the plight of animals just like him, be sure to share this story with your friends on social media, as well as your closest loved ones. Shelter dogs can be amazing and in many instances, all they need is an opportunity. Thanks to Candice, Kilo was able to make a new life for himself and he hasn’t looked back since.


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