This 46 Year Old Words Are Sure To Amaze You! This Is A Truly Remarkable Video.


It is amazing to think about how far we have come as a nation in the past 46 years. However, it seems that some things always keep coming back around. Fashion trends from many years ago have come full circle and made their way back into the spotlight which is just one example of such things. The words that this man spoke so many years ago are another example of how some things stay the same, while so many other things are still so different.

Everyone who has gone to a public school in the United States has at least one major thing in common. We all typically started out our day reciting the same words: The Pledge of Allegiance. Francis Bellamy originally wrote The Pledge of Allegiance in 1892. In 1945, it was adopted by congress. Not even 10 years later, under the presidency of Eisenhower, the words “under God” were added. Still today, schoolchildren all over the country begin their day by reciting the same Pledge.
Red Skelton, the star of the then popular television show The Red Skelton Hour had a few words to say about The Pledge of Allegiance. The video clip you have just seen, or are about to watch, is from his show in 1969. This show was very popular among Americans who watched it in order to catch a break from their everyday problems.

There has been a lot of recent debate about the words “under God” in The Pledge of Allegiance and whether or not to remove them. Everyone has their own opinion about the matter, however the depth of the words that Red speaks about cannot be truer today as they were 46 years ago.
The Pledge of Allegiance still holds the same meaning behind it and the reasoning for saying it remains the same as well. There has seemed to be a huge lack of patriotism shown among the American citizens. This video will pull at your heart and give you a renewed outlook on why The Pledge of Allegiance is recited every school morning. Children today are often not taught about the meaning behind the words they are expected to speak every morning. This is a real shame.
Every American citizen should see this clip and take a few minutes to really think about what it means to recite The Pledge of Allegiance. Our children especially need to be educated about this as well so it will no longer be a meaningless task that they are “forced” to do on a daily basis at school.

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