16 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand


There are certain experiences that are unique to dog owners, that other pet owners simply can’t relate to. These are the 16 most crucial facts of life for dog owners and every parent of a fur baby has experienced at least one of these moments firsthand.

  1. Their sad looks


The term ‘puppy dog face’ was definitely invented for a very good reason. The sad look a dog gets when they can’t have their way is undeniable.


  1. They always want you near


A dog does not care if you need to go to work every day to afford their food and shelter.


  1. They will commandeer your bed


Oh, sorry, human. I didn’t realize that you would actually want to sleep in your own bed at some point.


  1. Torn couch cushions


I was the only one here, but I’m still going to do my absolute best to blame this on someone else, okay?



  1. They can’t even share a bed


Even if you try to share the bed, they have very little ability to recognize your sleeping needs.


  1. You can’t go to a shelter just to ‘have a look’


How could you ever possibly say no to a face like that?



  1. They sense when you need to get up


Doesn’t matter how much you have to do, a cozy pup will have none of it!



  1. They are just too cute sometimes


The phrase ‘so cute I can’t stand it’ comes to mind here.



  1. Windows and dogs don’t mix


Anybody who’s ever had a dog has probably kissed their clean windows goodbye.


  1. Dogs scare easily


Even the biggest, most fearsome dogs cower at the sound of storms.


  1. Dogs love people food


It is always easy to tell which of your dinner guests have been feeding dogs when you’re not looking.


  1. They will ask to be walked


Because how could you ever say no to that face?


  1. They are massive babies


And it does not matter how big they get, either!



  1. They want what they can’t have


As soon as a dog senses that they cannot have a certain food, they must have it immediately.


  1. Rules can be hard to enforce


We all say ‘no puppies on the bed!’, until a puppy actually shows up.



  1. Dogs love the floor


Spend all the money you want on a nice bed for them and they’ll still choose the floor.


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