They’re Bringing Home Their Baby Daughter, But Wait Until You See The Dog’s Reaction


Parents who have dogs of their own and have successfully managed to blend a family of fur babies with the little ones that they have birthed are definitely going to relate to this touching clip. When a dog owner finally has the chance to introduce their pup to their newborn, these are some of the most precious moments that a person can ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

This is a pivotal time in the life of a dog owner, as it is very important for their child and their beloved pet to get along. When these two are unable to make peace with one another, it is usually the pet who is forced to leave the home that they have been residing in, in order to find a new family that can take care of them.
There are no such worries for the Chihuahua in this clip. Most dogs tend to fall in love with their baby siblings at first sight and the dog in this video is no different. Perhaps dogs can sense the amount of love that humans feel for their babies and feel obligated to show the same level of respect?

Milo the chihuahua is certainly in love with his baby sibling already. He patiently waited for his parents to bring home his new sibling from the hospital and his excitement is evident. He cannot wait to meet his new friend and he is so energetic! It will be hard for you to stifle your laughter as you watch Milo start tearing through the house at lightning speed.

When this sweet pup finally gets the chance to express what he has been feeling this whole time, he only knows one way to do so: with tons and tons and tons of kisses! Mom is watching from the sideline with great interest, but Milo does not let her down. He even tries to offer his toy to the child, but it will be a little while before they are able to truly play together.

This video serves as further evidence of just how compatible Chihuahuas are with children. They love to play, they are very loving and they love to play watchdog.

This baby clearly has a new best friend, whether they know it or not. The clip is the beginning of a lifelong connection and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Spread the love by passing this video on!

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