They Wondered Where The Dog Was, Then Found Him Doing THIS… LOL!


Parents of fur babies know that there is hardly ever a dull moment when you have a house full of animals. They are smart, mischievous and can usually find new ways of getting into trouble that you would never have even taught of. Take the dog in this video, for instance. While most dogs are used to getting into trouble for climbing all over their parents’ bedding, our pal has found a whole new loophole.


He is not having his fun by laying in the bed when he’s not supposed to. He has chosen to make his way under the bed, where he is found by his parents, scrambling around like a madman. We would have to imagine that it would be difficult for them to stay mad at him. With this level of enthusiasm and inventiveness, how could you possibly punish him?

Personally, we’re more interested in figuring out what made him decide to do it in the first place. It’s a pretty clever gambit, from a pretty clever dog. He is bound and determined to protect his newfound territory, as well, growling and snapping at imaginary predators. Someone needs to tell this crazy pup that we are all friends here. There’s no need to get snappy.

The way he is wriggling about on the floor, he almost resembles an earthworm. We are definitely fortunate that his family was able to record him in action, because we never would have believed this story for a second otherwise.

We do not know what has gotten into this pup or what has riled him up so badly and we are scared to find out. But he seems to be having the time of his life, nonetheless. When he tries to stand up to his full height, while he’s still underneath the bed? Pure hilarity!

To truly appreciate this terrier’s theatrics, you’ll want to watch this clip in its full entirety. Whether you are the parent of a fur baby or you’re just an aunt or uncle, this video will still have you doubled over with laughter.

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