They Were Driving Down The Road When They Saw THIS. Can You Imagine?


This goat was out for an innocent graze on the hillside one day, when his entire life was thrown into turmoil. This is the type of clip that needs to be seen to be believed, as the mere concept of a goat zip lining down a power line probably seems too farcical to be true. While no one is quite sure how this goat made his way from the hillside to the power line, one thing is for certain: he is very fortunate that some helpful rescuers came along before it was too late.

As we can see in the beginning of the clip, a few good men have arrived on the scene and are doing their best to free the goat from his terrifying predicament. Can you imagine what it would be like to be suspended in mid air, with nothing except your horns to keep you afloat? We cannot even begin to fathom how scary this situation would be and our heart goes out to this poor little fellow.
These men are quick thinkers, though, and they have immediately sprung into action. Some of them are standing atop the truck and providing helpful guidance and encouragement, while the rest of the rescue team sets about the task of setting up a ladder. It is inspiring to see a group of people put on their thinking caps and work together to provide help to an animal who is in desperate need of assistance.

Hearing the goat’s sad wails breaks one’s heart and we shudder to think of what might have happened if these brave and selfless men hadn’t come along to save him in the nick of time. They are dedicated to the task at hand and are doing everything in their power to remove the goat from the power lines and return him to safety.

Would you like to see what happens next? Then be sure to watch the full video, so that you can find out if the rescue team was able to complete their endeavor successfully. Hopefully, this goat has learned a valuable lesson about grazing in such close proximity to the power lines and this type of thing never happens to him again.
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With so many sad news stories in circulation, it is about time that we got to see something positive. Please pass this post along to your friends and family, so that they can see this daring rescue with their own eyes.

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