They Went Fishing, But They NEVER Expected This To Happen… OMG


Fishing is always considered a fun activity. Most times, it’s rarely because of the catch, but the experience of fishing. Some friends went fishing and ended up saving a precious life.

When Kurdy and his fellow fishermen friends were out fishing on the Long Island Sound, they came across something that totally threw them off guard. They got a real story for books, and it had nothing to do with sharks or fish. In fact, it was not connected to aquatic life at all.

Six miles from the shore, they spotted a creature bobbing about in the waves. When they decided to investigate it and got closer, they realized it was a deer trying to stay afloat. They weren’t sure how it ended up so far away from land — maybe it was the rip tide, or maybe it went in for a swim. But either way, it ended up in a very tight spot. The men saw that the six-point buck was not going to be able to hold out in the 58-degree water for long. They could see it shivering, and it was barely staying above water and was just going in circles. Kurdy knew he had to save the deer, and he had to act with speed. He convinced his mates to help, and they made a decision to save him.

They got a strong piece of rope, and they were able to place the rope around its antlers gently. They drew the deer towards the boat and tied it one of the boat cleats and made sure it was comfortable. They also didn’t want to pull him too hard and hurt him in the process. Considering the entire situation, where speed was paramount, they tried to ensure the safety of the animal.

After successfully securing the deer to the boat in order to take him back to the shore. The boat could not get too close to the shore. They only made a six-mile trip and had to stop the boat. The deer couldn’t swim anymore because it was very weak. So Kurdy put on his life jacket and swam to the shore holding the deer. Once they got to the shore, the local residents brought warm blankets to help soothe the deer. The deer remained at the spot for about three hours to regain his strength before he got up on his own and was ready to go.

“It’s a life,” Kurdy said. “I am not going to allow him to drown. He was so far in the middle of the water, shivering and freezing, and so we all decided, we just cannot let it drown. It’s the right thing to do.”
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Kurdy and his friends went fishing hoping to catch the biggest fish, and they did something even better than catching fish, they saved a life. This is a fishing story where the fishermen could not be more thrilled to allow the big one get away.

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