They Try Throwing Laundry In The Hamper, But Watch What Happens… LOL!


While cats may have a well-earned reputation for being standoffish creatures with no use for the human race, the cat in this video is all about upending that popular stereotype. Most of us probably don’t have a cat at our house that is willing to help us out with the household chores. The cat in this video is not only helpful, but is clearly glad to do so.

As the video begins, we see a cat who is definitely having a great time helping around the house. At first, all we can see is hamper, then we see a piece of cloth fly through the air, before kitty emerges from the hamper to snatch it out of thin air. The cat materializes so fast, you would be forgiven if you jumped back in your chair just a little bit.

Just think of how convenient it would to simply throw your clothes in the air, in the general vicinity of a hamper. Most of us have to walk all the way to the hamper every time we wish to dispose of dirty clothing, but in this house, that does not seem to be any sort of a problem!

This cat’s acrobatic skills are impressive, especially considering the fact that they are perched inside of a hamper. Although it is probably difficult to time these jumps accordingly, this kitty has gotten tons of practice and has the process down to a science. The timing and agility that this cat displays would put any number of us to shame.

This cat could even put some NFL wide receivers to shame, as well. Even when the throws are off point and nowhere near their intended target, this cat rises to the occasion and gets the job done. This kind of clutch performance definitely deserves to be commended. This is a cat who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

After a while, it seems to be getting too easy for the cat to make its catches from the inside of the laundry basket. To add an additional degree of difficulty, this helper kitty decides to get out of the laundry basket and start trying to make its grabs from the outside, on the way in. It is much more challenging, but the cat does not allow the higher level of difficulty to bother them.
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Be sure to remain tuned in until the end, so that you can catch a glimpse of the serious air time that this cat is able to get. Share this clip on Facebook and Twitter, so that all of your animal loving friends and family are able to see this amazing cat from an up close and personal point of view.

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