They Thought They Were Getting 2 Normal Dogs, But Then They Saw THIS… Whoa!


The Fisher family wanted to get some dogs for their three kids. They did a lot of research in order to find the perfect dogs. Eventually, they decided upon the Newfoundland breed, and this is because they are known to be extremely loving and great with kids. There’s just one thing that they didn’t realize – the size of the dogs.


While they probably have some idea that the dogs get big, they had no idea that they were bringing gentle giants into their home. The parents saw one of the dogs in person, and found that it was considerably bigger than they had imagined. The breed is capable of growing up to 270 pounds and measuring at 6 feet long from nose to tail.


They brought Ralphie and Boss into the house. One weighed 125 pounds and the other was 160 pounds. As soon as the parents brought these two dogs home, the kids were so excited. When the dogs sat down, they were still taller than the kids.


What is so amazing about these large dogs is that they are great with kids. They are completely content to let the kids crawl all over them. They have definitely become a part of this family, and The Fishers take Ralphie and Boss just about everywhere.


As far as this family can tell, there is only one downside to having dogs this big – there is a whole lot of hair and a whole lot of drool. However, they have learned to deal with it and keep emergency towels around for easy cleanup.


The video shows just how big of a part these dogs play in the family. Perhaps the most amusing part is that they don’t realize how big they are. These dogs will happily climb into dad’s lap without thinking twice. They are absolutely gorgeous dogs, and you can tell that they are in a very happy and loving home. These dogs certainly lucked out, and the family certainly didn’t get the short end of any stick, either.


Would you choose the Newfoundland breed as your family pet, knowing that they are gentle giants, but truly GIANT?


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