They Thought Their Dog Was Dead From The Fire, But When They Revived Him, I’m Stunned


If you or a loved one has ever experienced a house fire, then you know just how traumatic this experience can be. While you may lose the vast majority of your material possessions in a house fire, there are certain things that simply cannot be replaced.

Losing your valuable heirlooms is one thing, but losing a beloved member of the family is another. When pets are trapped inside of a raging inferno and are unable to get out, it’s a scary moment for pet owners, one that most would prefer not to go through.

The firefighters in this story were extraordinarily brave, however, and they refused to let this dog pass away. When they pulled him from the burning building, the animal was completely unconscious and the prognosis was not looking good. The outlook was negative and it seemed as if the animal’s life was about to be lost.

Peter Bridge was able to rescue the dog, a golden retriever, and he thought the animal had perished as a result of smoke inhalation. He was also very afraid of having to break this awful news to the dog’s loving family.

Luckily for the dog and its family, Peter did not give up on him. He continued to give the animal first aid and even applied oxygen to the poor pooch. It took twenty arduous minutes, but the dog was finally revived, much to the relief of everyone involved.

When the dog came to, he was definitely a bit confused. He seems to be wondering how he went from trapped inside of the smoke and flames to being outside with his family, safe and sound. But one thing is for sure, he is not complaining about this sudden turn of events and he has these brave firefighters to thank for his life.

Take a moment to watch this amazing video and get to know these incredible firefighters.

While the pup who was involved in this miracle revival may not know exactly what happened, he is appreciative. Who wouldn’t be glad to have escaped from those awful circumstances? His owners would take him to the vet after the excitement died down and the animal made a complete recovery.

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