They Left Their Autistic Daughter With A Pit Bull, The Unimaginable Happened


The media has essentially trained us to believe that pit bulls are mean, rotten, ugly, vicious creatures with zero regard for humanity. But this training is wrong and ignores the benefits of proper home training for any breed of dog. If a pit bull dog is raised in a loving environment and taught to care for humans, then they will be able to peacefully coexist in any situation.

When we think of pit bulls, we imagine them ripping other pit bulls from limb to limb in combat. While these perceptions have been allowed to run rampant, they are the furthest thing from the actual truth and this video provides us with a necessary reminder of just how kind and gentle these animals can be.

There is no such thing as a dog that is inherently bad, due to its breed. But there are bad people who instill the wrong values in their animals and the entire group ends up with a bad name as a result of these actions. If you’d like your dog to grow up to be as gentle and caring as the one you are about to see in this clip, then you need to treat them the same way you would like to be treated. The golden rule never fails!

The little girl in this story is named Lacy and the love that she has for her pit bull is boundless. She was just six years old when this clip was filmed and she had already built a strong connection with her pet. Karma the pit bull is her best buddy and a constant companion. Lacy is suffering from autism and she’s known Karma for her entire life.

Guess what? Karma has yet to use her as a human chew toy and the two could not have a better relationship. Karma instinctively knows how to treat Lacy, even though she has received zero therapy training. Their relationship is a miracle, one you can see for yourself by checking out this video.

Do you still think pit bulls are angry, vicious monsters who are constantly on the hunt for human flesh? If so, this video will definitely provide the necessary evidence to the contrary. Those who own pit bulls are more than happy to share stories like these with the masses, so that they can learn the reality of the matter, as opposed to going off preconceived notions. Be sure to share this post with your family and friends!

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