They Start Talking To Their Dog On Camera And The BEST Thing Happens!


Have you ever seen a talking dog before, I guess the answer is capital ‘No.’ Except in the movies and other animation shows, you scarcely find a dog that talks. Naturally, we know fully well that the act of talking is an ability peculiar with humans alone. Dogs are known to bark. In the first place, the way their mouth parts are shaped and arranged, talking will be a difficult task to undertake by them. Men talk to communicate, while dogs bark pass their own message in their own way.
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In this video, a dog is seen with two men in a car, who will certainly be its owners, following the action that ensued. It is amazing to talk to a dog and it understands (as is the case with well trained dogs) however, it is more fascinating to find a dog in a complete state of discussion with men and not dogs of its peer group. This dog talks and it does not just talk for talking sake but it does talk to communicate with its handlers.

Although vocalization heard during its conversation with the men didn’t sound so sophisticated as that of humans, yet it was evident that this dog was passing clear comments often and on which were well understood by the men in the car.

Frankly speaking, I have seen people talk to their dogs to carry out one or two tasks but I’ve never seen a dog talk to people, talk more of going into real conversation with men.

In times past, veterinary scientists have made us believe that dogs do talk and that they do communicate. To which, they have proved by describing certain communication traits exhibited in dogs. Some of these natural characteristics include sound and body languages like,

– Growling: when dogs want to express their desire to play, aggression or refusal to indulge in an unfavorable activity they growl.

– Barking: this is the most common type of communication found among dogs, they bark when they perceive danger or intruders. But sometimes they bark when they hear an unfamiliar sound or when they play.

– Howling: Like wolfs, dogs howl to communicate with other dogs from a long distance. This is usually done to invite other members of a pack for hunting or to avoid strangers from coming in.

– Facing: Dogs do communicate with their face. They do this by wrinkling their foreheads to express confusion. At times they could show determination when they straighten it.

– Brightening of eyes: this trait is usually displayed when a dog meets a friendly creature like brightly colored birds.

– Raising of ears: when a dog is at alert it raises its ears to observe and listen carefully.

These are familiar communicative features of dogs with man and other creatures in their environment. But finding a dog in a real life conversation is amazingly unusual. In the video, though you might not be conversant with the language used to communicate, you will clearly observe that the dog was consciously communicating with its owners.

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