They Spot An Unconscious Bird On The Ground. But Watch When His Friend Shows Up…


We sometimes take it for granted that a friend can really have an impact on our life. It’s not just for humans, either. It’s important for all animals to have a friend – and this includes birds. One little bird was flying around with his friend. The bird crashed into the glass window of a shop and then fell unconscious to the ground.

Luckily for the unconscious bird, he had a friend with him. The bird that was down laid there lifeless. And then the other bird comes down and begins squawking. He is jumping up and down all around his friend, pecking at him, and you can see him moving his friend back and forth on the sidewalk, as if shaking him and saying “Wake up!”

The video goes on for just about a minute. For some people, they would have given up on their friend. But these birds are true friends. The bird doesn’t give up on his unconscious friend. Instead, he keeps at it, convinced that it’s just going to take another second before the bird wakes up and can fly off.

In the distance, you can hear some of the other birds squawking, too, as if asking if they need to come down and help as well, or perhaps they are all saying their prayers for the unconscious birds. It’s probably a given that at least a few of the other birds have had similar things happen to them. After all, birds don’t always see the glass and think they are able to fly right into the shop.

Unfortunately, this unconscious bird had to learn the hard way. Now, get ready for the incredible part of this video. The bird is able to suddenly gain consciousness once again, and he flies off to be with his friend and all of the other birds. It’s amazing to see how it was able to end because of one friend not wanting to give up hope.

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It’s all about being a good friend, and birds can have friends just like anyone else can. When’s the last time you had someone demonstrate how good of a friend they were?

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