They Snuck A Hidden Camera Into Flea Markets. What They Found Is Terrifying.


This video offers a chilling look into what really goes on at the flea markets that we patronize. To learn more, the Humane Society brought hidden cameras into a flea market. What they discovered will shock you and may even cause your blood to run cold. The idea that people would treat innocent animals in such an awful way really grinds our gears.

In a world that is filled with homeless animals, watching a flea market selling animals for profit, while lying to customers about where their stock originates from is truly appalling. While some might wonder if the animals are at least being sold at a price that is reasonable, the answer is typically no. Animals who have been left to swelter in the heat are being sold by con artists for up to $400.
They lie to the people who visit flea markets, telling them that the animals have been properly bred and that they come from a variety of good places. But the reality is far more sinister. The puppies are purchased from puppy mills and the flea market workers will tell any lie that they have to, in order to connive innocent people into bringing these pets home with them.

The hidden camera investigation that was conducted by the Humane Society went to a variety of flea markets, in a number of different states. Their shocking may startle you, they may even infuriate you, but clips like these need to receive wider circulation, so that people know exactly where their pets are coming from. We need to be putting a stop to this horrific practice as soon as possible.
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Once you’ve taken the time to watch this clip in its entirety, you should also be taking the time to share it with your fellow citizens. We all have to share this planet together and when we see other species being treated terrible, it is our responsibility to step in and do something. If you see something, then be sure to say something.

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