They Set Up A Camera After Getting Noise Complaints From The Neighbors And…


It was a decent neighborhood and people were courteous, friendly and were mostly carrying on with their own business. But for the past of couple of days this family started receiving calls every other day, complaining that they were hearing strange noises emerging from their home during the day. They said the noises were extremely uncomfortable, which affected their peace of mind and definitely disturbed the quiet of the neighborhood.

Shortly numerous speculations on what those noises could be, started doing rounds; some even suggesting that unknown creature existed in the house and that the house is haunted by an earlier resident who died, among many others. Whenever there was a celebration or a get together of all families in the neighborhood, the “house of the mysterious noises” was the hot topic.
The family had enough of this and could no longer handle the hush hush talk, the strange stares, and uncomfortable conversations. They wondered what those noises could be since there would be no one at home during the day except their cute dog which was mostly a very docile and quiet one. Also, everyone knows how a dog’s bark sounds like. Were they indeed some strange things happening at their home? They wanted to investigate.

One day in the night the family set up a couple of cameras at some strategic locations at their home. They ensured that all exits and rooms of their home were covered by the cameras. They absolutely had no idea what those noises could be and left their home wondering what they would find on the camera.

The family was indeed in a difficult situation and wondered: Would they be able to catch the creator of the mysterious sounds? Is it some strange phenomenon which hopefully should have a logical explanation? Can it be true that the house is haunted? If that’s true do we move to a new house?

The day passed and the family returned late evening. Everyone rushed to see what the cameras had in store. All lined up on the couch eager to see on the big screen, what the camera captured. It was usually inactivity in the house except for the dog snuggling on the couch, strolling in and out of rooms.

The family was just concluding that there is absolutely nothing going on, when they suddenly saw this; the dog jumped on to the Piano, started stroking the keys, and broke into a long singing spree that appeared like he was trying to sing to the tune of the music on the piano! The family was exhilarated! They caught him on camera and discovered the hidden talent of their dog. The dog was also watching this, and he proudly came in front of the family, glued to the screen.

The owner recieved noise complaints from the neighbours, so they set up a nanny cam. This is what they saw LOL

Posted by Share it on Friday, November 16, 2012

The family was finally relieved that it was their dear dog and not an alien or ghost in their home. They were happy that they now have something to show their neighbors. The neighbors were actually relieved too, and the next party in the neighborhood, had the screening of the video to everyone’s amusement. The dog’s got talent!

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