They See A Homeless Dog Licking & Favoring Her Leg. What They Discover… OMG


This amazing clip gives us a better idea of what homeless dogs are forced to go through on a constant basis. When a homeless dog was seen nursing a fairly serious wound to her front leg, the good people at Animal Aid arrived on the scene to help out. The rescue team found her as she was mid lick.

She also wanted nothing to do with her rescuers and she ran at the first sight of them. Used to living on the street and taking care of herself, she was no longer trustful of humans. And who could blame her? Her experiences had taught her to be scared of people and she was not going to allow these well meaning rescuers to get too close.
Animal Aid would not be deterred, however. They found a humane way to trap the dog and helped her to realize that they were not there to do any harm, that they had her best interests at heart.

Once the dog had been trapped and the rescuers had a better chance to look her over, they would soon find the cause of her injury. The homeless pup had a wire that was cutting into her leg and as you might have imagined, this was causing her a fair amount of discomfort. She was forced to suffer with this injury for quite some time and her flesh was severely damaged.

Her leg was bleeding and from the looks of it, the wire had been lodged inside of the appendage for a long time. Luckily, Animal Aid arrived in the nick of time. Had the dog been made to suffer for much longer, there is a very good chance hat she may have lost the leg or the ability to use it.

If you’d like to see what happens once the rescue crew has successfully trapped this homeless dog and saved her from a life of mental and physical agony, be sure to watch this video in its full entirety. Once the clip has concluded, take a moment to share it with your closest friends and loved ones.

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