They Saw A Motionless Wolf, But When They Walked Closer…OMG


There are lots and lots of people who view the practice of animal trapping as being an accepted part of life, but there are also those on the other side of the discussion who believe that it needs to be stopped immediately. But there is no getting around the fact that the trapping of animals has become an increasingly larger problem in recent years.

This is due to the fact that there are strict conservation restraints that have been put into place to ensure that wildlife populations remain well maintained. As a result, certain animal populations are fiercely targeted, since there are many who firmly believe that they are doing more harm in the world than good and need to be eliminated.
Trappers will also argue that their methods are more than humane, that they are not deliberately trying to injure wild animals, but those of us who have watched videos like these in the past definitely know better than that. There are simply far too many documented cases of trapper abuse to be ignored.

The white wolf in this clip proves this point. The animal appears to be completely lifeless, but is still alive and breathing when found by rescuers. If these rescuers had not come along, the wolf would probably be long dead by now. The harsh elements may have taken its life and if the weather hadn’t been a factor, dehydration, starvation or other predators would have.

Let’s say that the trapper had returned to the wolf in a timely fashion. They would have likely had to club the animal to death and what kind of fate is that for such a majestic, beautiful creature? We are ashamed to live in a world where this kind of barbaric behavior takes place and it pains us to see the wolf’s paw caught in the trap in such a hurtful way.

If you’d like to see how this interaction between the trapped wolf and its rescuers played out for yourself, then be sure to click on the video.

While the wolf is certainly grateful for what these men did for him, the animal will likely never be the same again. Even if the wolf makes a complete and full recovery, it will still bear the wounds from this encounter. Please share this story, so that we can raise awareness about the dangers of trapping and help more animals to avoid such a fate.

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