They Saw A Dog Tied To A Tree Behind A House. When They Approached? OMG


When this young couple was told about a dog that had been abandoned, their hearts ached. They immediately gathered food, water and a leash and went on the mission of helping him.

When they arrived they thought the property was deserted. However, a few minutes after their arrival the property owner arrived and gave them permission to take the animal. The poor dog was tied to a tree in the back yard and could not even try to fend for himself. He had no food or water and virtually no shelter. His skin seemed to be stretched over his bones. His skin was damaged and he was terrified.
They approached Ganesh slowly and spoke very gently. His hunger was more powerful than his fear and he quickly ate all they had brought. The offering put Ganesh a little at ease and eventually he let them pet him. They managed to get the leash on him and soon he realized he could move away from the spot he had been held helplessly.

When they got the dog home, they were able to bathe him and even treat his irritated skin with coconut oil. Ganesh was well on his way to regaining his health. But now they need your help.

They have set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to give Ganesh the medical care he needs to finish his recovery. The funds raised will also allow him to be cared for while they find him a forever home.

Ganesh was one of the lucky ones. Far too many beautiful and loving dogs like him are left to wonder the streets and fend for themselves. They do not get the care they deserve and are often abused. When you add that Ganesh was tied up and unable to even try to find food, water or shelter the outcome is usually death.

Caring people like these young couples do come to the rescue, but the need outweighs the resources. It takes everyone pitching in. If all good people do a little, then much can be accomplished. These animals have no voice. We must be their voice. We must do what we can to help. Together we can make a difference for dogs like Ganesh and we can put an end to the cruelty.

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