They Saved This Battered Pup’s Life but They Couldn’t Save His Eyes. Now He Needs a Forever Home.


Ashton is a chocolate Pitt mix. The Humane Society of Arizona rescued him for a ditch, severely injured. His eyes had been severely damaged. While they did not know who or what injured this dog, they were determined to save his life.

Ashton had to undergo major surgery and both eyes had to be surgically removed. He was fed, loved and given medical treatment. The associates of the Humane Society of Arizona were not sure what would happen next. They would do everything in their power to give Ashton a fighting chance.
Ashton is two years old. A dog born with blindness adapts his other senses much like a handicapped human. But Ashton would have to learn to live his life a whole new way.

Handler Nick Moler took on this challenge. Ashton was a very friendly and affectionate dog, so he took to the kindness that Nick showed him. Slowly Nick began the process of teaching Ashton to use his other senses to get around without vision. By training him to move toward sounds and smells, Ashton began to catch on.

A dog’s natural ability to smell and hear is much stronger than that of a human. It would be easier to teach Ashton, but he would still have some challenges. Ashton could not be released to the general population. He would not know how to defend himself. He would not know how to get food if another animal was in the way. It was obvious that Ashton would need special attention and care for the rest of his life.

Ashton is still living at the animal shelter and the employees, volunteers and staff take very good care of him. They are trying to find Ashton a forever home. Many people do not want the additional responsibility that will surely come with a blind dog. However, there is someone out there who will love Ashton and see him for his value and not see him as a disabled pooch. Until they find that person, Nick spends as much time with Ashton as he can to prepare him for his future.
[fvplayer src=”″]Someone was very heartless to this little dog. But he survived and he has a lot of love to share with the right person. Ashton is waiting and hoping every day that this person will find him.


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