They Rescued This Dog Called Gilbert, But What’s That Near His Chest?


Life saving surgery is not only for people. The same skill in diagnosis, surgery, and rehabilitation is often necessary for animals that have diseases and are especially critical for abandoned and discarded pets.

Gilbert the Weimaraner is a true miracle. The people at Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue in New Mexico inherited Gilbert from a concerned animal lover. The dog had a massive tumor on his stomach. The tumor was almost one-third as big as the dog and weighed 12 pounds.


Even the experts at the rescue center were doubtful that Gilbert would make it due to his malnourished state and the advanced condition of the tumor. Even through pain and exhaustion Gilbert made it clear to his rescuers that he was up to the challenges that faced him.

A donation campaign doubled the $6,800 price tag for Gilbert’s tumor surgery. The size of the donations is a symbol of the deep love that people in New Mexico and all over the world have for abandoned and injured animals. Gilbert’s survival is a testament to the skill of veterinary surgeons that give their time to save lost animals.

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Slowly but surely Gilbert recovered and began to thrive with a little love from his rescuers. Gilbert found a home with people that will care for him for the rest of his life.

You need to see this video and the photographs to get a realistic idea of the desperate physical condition the dog was in. Share this with your animal loving friends and social media pals. The size of the tumor is starling. The scar on the dog’s stomach is almost as long as the dog.

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The people that helped Gilbert survive maintain that they could not have performed this man-made miracle without the spirit that Gilbert had that drove him to survive.

The change in expression on Gilbert’s face as he goes from near death to full recovery is worth sharing just for the emotional value. Gilbert looks forlorn and almost beaten as he awaits his tumor surgery. After a few weeks, Gilbert looks like a changed dog. His eyes are bright and he has that dog look that says I want to play.


You should share this video to remind people that treatment like this for abandoned animals is a life saver. Hundreds and probably thousands of people from across the world contributed to the fund that saved Gilbert from an agonizing and certain death. The rescue center and Hero Viral Animals made Gilbert’s new lease on life possible.

Dogs that are abandoned are tragic. A dog that is abandoned because they are sick is criminal. These animals depend on people that care to make things right for them when their owners will not. Gilbert is acclaimed a hero and deserves the distinction for his spirit and desire to thrive despite horrendous obstacles.

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