They Go To Rescue A Neglected Dog Off The Streets. When They Look Closer? OMG


Hope For Paws has performed a number of amazing animal rescues over the past few years, but this one might be their most incredible effort yet. There is certainly no disputing the fact that it is their most different rescue to date.

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When they saw this dog wandering the streets of South Central all alone, they knew that they had to do something immediately. Eldad Hagar felt for the animal and decided to enlist the help of Lisa Chiarelli on this unique and potentially dangerous mission.

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As they slowly drew closer to the dog, they realized that there was something very strange about her. While they are usually responsible for the rescue of dogs, Julia did not look like a dog at all. She had spent enough time on the streets and was so unkempt, she had begun to resemble some sort of mixture between a dog and a wolf.

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Once they had spotted her and prepared to make their move, she immediately ducked into a nearby yard. Eldad slowed down in front of the gate and from there, Lisa acted quickly and decisively. She jumped out of the vehicle before Eldad had even come to a complete stop, closed the gate and secured the dog before she even had a chance to know what had hit her. The toughest part of the rescue, securing Julia, was now over.

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They soon noticed that Julia still had an old rope tied to her, which indicated criminal negligence from her former owner. Eldad and Lisa have reason to believe that she was tied up and completely forgotten about. She was swollen from infection, pus was oozing from her entire body and she was covered in sores. Her coat obscured the fact that she had essentially dwindled down to skin and bones.

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The rescuers worked hard to gain the trust of Julia, providing her with treats and adjusting their vehicle to make her ride more comfortable. The owner of the property where she was rescued inevitably noticed Eldad and Lisa’s presence, but she was reassured that they meant no harm and were merely trying to help the poor pup.

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Julia was unsure about going with them at first, but thanks to their soothing, calming demeanor, she was able to tell that they posed no threat. And with their continued help, Julia will be able to leave her days as a wolf hybrid behind and begin to enjoy a much better life.

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