They Put A Mic Up To This Bird And The Results Blew Me Away


Einstein is an exceptionally talented, and especially beautiful, African gray parrot. He takes the stage and owns it when a microphone is placed in front of him. Of course, we expect him to say his name, though a tough one it is. And we assume he can say a phrase or two. But this African gray parrot is significantly more brilliant than that!

He begins with introducing himself. When prompted, Einstein has an impressive library of animal imitations which he performs flawlessly. Einstein does not just rattle off sounds. He actually responds to questions from his trainer/owner and answers with the correct sound. When asked some questions, he even shows visual expression changes with some imitations. He responds to requests in a mind-blowing selection of sound and phrase recitals. Einstein reminds one of an actress on stage practicing their expressions. It is unique and entertaining! He loves to play and you may even see him dance a bit.

Einstein talks often without prompting. As a matter of fact he is quite funny and one never knows what he will say or do. He loves to entertain, and is very good at it.

The African Gray parrot is an extremely coveted bird. They are extremely intelligent and come from the Congo. When tested and compared, the African Gray parrot tests on the level of a human child from 4 to 6 years of age. They are coveted human companions and yet humans have threatened their existence in some parts of the world with over domestication. There loss of natural habitat, and over-capture in the wild has threatened their natural existence. The African Gray parrot eats fruits, seeds and nuts but will also eat insects. They are monogamous birds that mate forever. Little is known about their courtship.

There have been African Gray Parrots that have learned 100 words or more. They also are able to identify shapes, colors, materials and various items with proper training. They are probably the most intelligent parrot in the world. They are a mid-sized bird and both male and female African Gray parrots are similar in color, size and markings.

Einstein has grown increasingly popular for his easy disposition, which is not always the case with this species. The African Gray Parrot can be very temperamental as they are so sensitive. Though many African Gray Parrots exhibit behavioral problems, Einstein is again the exception, as he has a very trusting relationship with his handler.

Einstein lives in Texas with his human family. He was hatched in June of 1997. If you follow his videos (as thousands of Einstein fans do) you will find Einstein can impersonate several stars such as Elvis, and Matthew McConaughey! Einstein has quite a reputation. He is often confused with the famous “Einstein” that was featured on Animal Planet Pet Stars. But they are not one in the same.

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