They Put A Box In Their Enclosure. Their Reaction At 1:08? I’m In STITCHES!


This world is filled up with terrible things, but at the same time, it is filled up with wonderful things and more than that, every animal has the capacity to turn average things into amazing things. There are literally millions of reasons out there for a person to smile and for a living creature to be happy, we just need to find them, or make our own.
One example of creatures turning something incredibly basic to something amazing and a reason to be super happy is the old tale of cats and boxes. We’ve all heard it before: for some weird reason, cats love cardboard boxes. They love to play with them, they love to get themselves inside them, and all that.

As it turns out, cats love boxes because it is natural for them to seek confined spaces. It’s something natural for them because in the wild, these confined places make up an amazing spot to hide from predators and to stalk prey that doesn’t have a clue they’re around. This means that boxes give cats a sense of security; they give them a sense of control of their own safety.

When a cat is inside a cardboard box, it feels as if no one can sneak up on him either from the side or from behind, and that means that anyone coming into contact with him must clearly come into his field of vision, so he will be aware of everything. In the box, the cat feels like he can watch the world around him without being seen.

Just like in the wild, if something interesting passes in front of the cat, he can just go get it quickly and then return to the amazing safety of the box (his hiding place). Other than that, boxes are also a cozy place for cats to sleep, so there’s another motive for them to like them. I sure love my bed, so I understand them.

Researchers at Big Cat Rescue decided to test all of this with big cats as well, just to see if it applied to all felines. They decided to place large boxes inside pens for their big cats, and the result was amazing. In the video, you can see lions, tigers and even leopards playing with the boxes and getting inside of them, just like if they were your average household cat.

Some cats just decided to climb inside the box and fit in it to do what they like to do, while other cats decide to play with it for a little bit right before deciding to crush the boxes and demolish them. The results of the test are incredibly cute as you can see in the video, and these big cats are just like the regular ones, except they change in size and color!


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