They Plan To Euthanize A This Dog. But When A Stranger Enters His Pen, This Is Completely Beautiful


The story of Cerberus is like so many others in the dog community. He’s a rescue dog who was first found roaming around in an open prison in South Africa, Johannesburg to be exact. He was falsely labeled as an aggressive dog and was slated to be put to sleep.

Unfortunately, dogs like Cerberus are not able to communicate their kind and sweet nature and all it takes is a bad first impression to be considered overly aggressive. Luckily for Cerberus, he received a much needed stay of execution when the SPCA gave a young woman the opportunity to spend time with the dog, to see if there was any chance at rehabilitation.
The dog listener did not rush into the process. She took her time with Cerberus and waited for him to trust in her, as opposed to pushing for it to happen faster. There was only major catch: this dog listener (who goes by the name of “22bradshaw” on YouTube) had one of the most crucial deadlines ever assigned.

She needed to earn the trust of Cerberus and prove that he wasn’t aggressive before his scheduled euthanization. By watching the following video, you can catch a glimpse of Cerberus’ incredible journey. He was eventually able to receive a brand new life as a result of the dog whisperer’s hard work and dedication.
She visited Cerberus day in and day out, spending the necessary time that it took to build his trust. As her connection to him grew from both an emotional and physical standpoint, she learned that Cerberus’ aggressive nature stemmed from his past and he viewed the hands of a human as a deadly weapon.

As a result, she modified her approach and took precautions. It was important for Cerberus to remain in a tranquil state, so she did not threaten or anger him. By the sixth day of her impromptu training regimen, she finally developed the courage to call Cerberus over to her side.

The miracles did not end there, though! Viewers can also check out the story of a starving puppy who just so happened to be sharing the same shelter as Cerberus. Thanks to the help of men and women all over the world, dogs like these are given a well-deserved second chance at life. Sometimes, that is all we really need.

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